It was a sorry sight to behold this morning as a LASTMA official jumped into a moving bus to assault a driver.
LASTMA official fights bus driver in public
A Lagos State Traffic Management Authority was on Tuesday caught red-handed struggling and fighting a bus driver over a disagreement.
The official who didn't mind that the car was in motion, jumped into the driver's side and began fighting him.
According to the Twitter user who shared the story, the incident happened at Fadeyi on Tuesday. 
"This happened at Fadeyi this morning. The official was struggling with d driver in motion." @mystique_lowla wrote.
"the lastma officials were behaving like animals. Is that the training they received?" she asked.

"They stopped the bus in the middle of the road & caused so much traffic. Yet they were not bothered.
"Lastma officials are the worst of them all!!! Area boys in uniform!

"Red bus driver passed BRT lane. That was wrong but is it worth the life of over 50 Nigerians in the bus?" the woman wrote.

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