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It's a very sensitive issue and question we have here: 'which would you prefer to marry? Deflowered or a vi rgin? Let me lend my voice a little before we go on to see the comments of different people from all walks of life. I am sure you want to follow to the end. 

Vi rginity is a mind thing, not just the 'physical hymen barrier'. Actually our se x organs are our minds, the brain. I believe if the neuronal connections are severed ,our organs would hang limp. No wonder scripture says "looking at a lady lustfully, is tantamount to se xual intercourse". Hence, we've a lot or people who are vi rgin in body, but far from it in mind, some have even gone with anal se x, oral se x and still vi rgins physically.Am sure not all would agree with this.... I have below responses from different people on whom they prefer to marry. 

I will start with the responses of ladies to the question.After the ladies responses... We will see the responses of the men. 

You don't wanna miss this episode and even the next... Responses will shock you to the foundation. And you can learn more or change your mindset......... So let's start with the ladies(names are not real but responses are true. )

 Question :Which of these men would you prefer to marry? 
                            A. Vi rgin man. B.Deflowered man. 

Answers now(ladies)

1)Ngozi:Whether a vi rgin or not, Inasmuch it's the will of God,so be it. 

2)Amara:I don't want a vi rgin man.... I want an experienced husband. 

3)Chi:I don't really know about vi rginity and men. So I have actually given much thought to that aspect. But I don't think it would matter so much to me. If really I love that man,and he loves me too.... Well, I think the vi rginity stuff is heavier with ladies.

4)Sukura:I would love to marry a deflowered man. 

Me:Do you have reasons? 
Sukura:It's the normal reasons or I could say maybe because in reality, male vi rgins don't exist. i.e the ones that are adults and even grown enough for marriage.... If there are... The ratio will be one in 200 men. 

5)LadyB:Well,its rare to find a vi rgin man though. But I prefer the one who is. 

  6)Nnenna:For me, I will like to marry a deflowered man, but it doesn't matter if the man is or not.

All that matters is for him to be honest, Godfearing,hardworking,loving and faithful. 

 7)Wendy:Am contented with anyone God gives me. 

8)Tope:i prefer a man who is still a vi rgin.

  Tope:Because I am so, I will want my hubby to be. 

9)Priscilla:I prefer a vi rgin man. Every man wants a vi rgin for a wife and vice -versa. 

10)Betty:Whoever!so long it's God's will. 

11)Keturah:Am not sure I have given a thought about this before. 

12)Harriet:I prefer a vi rgin guy because i'm one of them. So I need someone like me. 

13)Islammiyat:I prefer any my dear. Ain't selective. Right from childhood. I've been assaulted countless times. I don't take pride in vi rginity.So,if he is or not.. It's okay by me. It won't make me love him more or less. 

14)Tonia:As for me, any of them. 

15)Jenny:I prefer a man who is deflowered because he is experienced and so nothing is new to him and he will know how to handle his wife in bed.

16)Ekatte:Yes! I prefer a vi rgin man. Because I believe he hasn't contracted any sexually transmitted diseases via se x, No serious activities with ladies, less consequences. Some men... because of how constant they have sex.. they never get satisfied. So,any lady they meet, they don't take it easy.

17)Saidat:i have not actually thought about that. No preference. Either one of them. The Vi rgin man might be naive but with time, he will step up.

18)Rachel:A vi rgin man is a learner and is scared to touch. A deflowered guy knows how to handle a lady and is grateful if the girl is a vi rgin too.

19)Esy:I would want to marry anyone God wants me to. As long as he doesn't ask for se x. Would prefer any.

20)Helen:Why this question? Sort of weird. This is a sensitive one. Never thought of it before but I guess I would'nt mind a vi rgin man. Two things are involved. Tho he might lack practical experience and that might make initial coitus painful especially for a lady. On the other hand, the Vi rgin man has kept himself chaste thereby fulfilling God's will in that regard. So, I wouldn't mind marrying a vi rgin man. 
     Me:so you prefer a vi rgin man? 
     Helen:i guess so. 

 21)Shante:Wow!thats private. But option A is necessary. 

 22)Debra:Lol!i prefer a deflowered man.
       Me:Any reasons? 
     Debra:Yes!i'm already a vi rgin and I need someone that will teach me stuffs. I've been in a relationship with a vi rgin man. Most boring relationship. Everything was awkward. But an experienced man would make a lady discover things about her body she was never aware of. 

23) Tina:Hahahahahaahha.Doc Promise. Na wa for you. Haba! 

     You cannot know who God brings your way. You know nobody knows who.If God brings vi rgin, fine. If God brings deflowered man, fine. I can't judge anyone. 

24)Paulina: Well, it depends. If he is a vi rgin but knows a lot about se x, it is okay. Everybody can learn,no doubt. But because you can't be sure... I think I will go for the later(deflowered man).But I can marry a v irgin ooo.

25) Folake:I prefer anyone. Vi rgin or deflowered man. Anyone. 

26)Shade:If he is husband -worthy, I wouldn't mind his sexual status. 

27)Chinasa:well,i really don't care about that because it isn't one of the qualities of a good husband. 

28) Jayne:Well, as for me. I will like both! In fact, I don't know if I prefer any. An experienced man will take you to 'cloud 9 and back'. You won't need to teach him anything. But he may be too wild for my liking and I won't be able to satisfy all his fantasies. But a vi rgin man has to be taught. I will have to be patient with him and don't expect him to take you to 'cloud 9 and back'. And he will be willing to take things one step at a time. So, both have advantage and disadvantage. So, I can't prefer any. I will just prefer the one who loves me. Shikena!

29)Somadina:Lol!Nice question.... Well, marrying a vi rgin man is not a bad idea neither the other. But the Vi rgin man has more advantages. 

30)Cherish: well, it doesn't really matter to me. Any will do. 

31)Wendy:Any one I love. 

                   Vi rginity is not a yardstick. 

32) Spotless:I don't have an issue with whichever. A vi rgin who's willing to learn and is open -minded is fine. "Dem no dey use se x experience get job or put for resumé.

My friends... We have seen all the responses from 32 ladies from all walks of life. 

Am not a lady... but if I should take statistics from this survey, most ladies said... they will prefer any. 

Did any of the ladies say your mind???. If yes... You can post your comments below

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